RUNOFF: ELECTION DAY is June 8th from 7 am - 7 pm.


Traffic & Mobility

With our city's growth, traffic is an ever expanding and changing issue.  Balancing the needs to expand for growth while maintaining the existing infrastructure is complicated.  It is my goal to work to ensure the City of Pearland is prepared to address this challenge through thoughtful planning and financial responsibility. 


The safety of its citizens is the number one priority of any great city.  Pearland is no different and a well-staffed and equipped Police, Fire and EMS is vital to ensure that our fine citizens can be comfortable knowing they are in one of the safest cities to live, work and enjoy their time with loved ones.

Taxes & Financial Responsibility

The financial viability of a city depends on leadership that knows financial responsibility; balancing the services needed and wanted by its citizens without over burdensome taxes.  I have prepared and managed budgets at the corporate level and will bring that experience to ensure our city is financially healthy and responsible now and into the future.    


Recent history has taught us that in a few short hours our lives can be turned upside down based on what falls from the sky.  For some, it does not take a storm in the Gulf to cause concern, but just a strong afternoon shower.  As a City we need to continue to strive to improve drainage both at the micro as well as the macro level, working not just within the City but also working with surrounding entities as well as our watersheds expand beyond our borders.

Air Quality

Quality of life is important and the air we breath is a major factor to be considered.  Some of our citizens living in Shadow Creek Ranch are dealing with this quality of life issue and I am concerned for them and their families.  I am committed to working diligently to make sure the landfill operates within the TCEQ guidelines.


Blue Ridge Landfill

I will continue to work with Texas State Representatives Ed Thompson and Ron Reynolds in the fight to find a solution to the Blue Ridge Landfill nuisance.  No Pearland trash or city money should go to Blue Ridge or their parent company, Republic Waste.